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5 Rust game engines to consider for your next project

Using Ultra, the new React web framework

Build a GraphQL app in Node.js with TypeScript and graphql-request

Ultra is a great way to work with Deno and React, and its recent v1.0 release includes many new features and improvements. Tharaka Romesh walks you through them all, such as compatibility with TypeScript and JSX, lazy routing, selective hydration, and dynamic MDX.

Take this post from Hussain Arif for a spin and learn how to build your own full-stack GraphQL app with Node.js, TypeScript, and graphql-request, a powerful open source library that lets users perform queries on a GraphQL server.

More and more, developers are choosing Rust over C++ for game development. Victor Jonah discusses five of the most popular Rust game engines and how to choose between them for your next project.

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