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Galileo AI watches every session to gain a human-like understanding of every interaction in your digital experience, guiding teams on where to invest for maximum return in minimizing user struggle.

  • Identifies user behavior patterns in seconds
  • Surfaces the most impactful, actionable issues to reduce user struggle
  • Provides natural language insights that anyone can understand

See how Galileo AI works

Identify and understand the most severe errors and usability issues impacting your users

Pinpoint instances of user struggle with AI

Galileo AI watches every user session and interaction to provide:

  • The most impactful areas of user struggle, explained in natural language
  • Severity scores to assess where to invest for maximum return
  • Analytics to quantify the KPI impact of each issue

See the most impactful issues affecting your users each week

Issues Digest delivers a detailed report of the most impactful issues impacting your users each week.

  • All of Galileo AI's capabilities, delivered via Slack, Teams, email, or webhook
  • Customize digests to only be alerted to the issues you need to care about
  • Click directly into session replays to further contextualize each issue

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