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Inspect logs, network data and DOM states leading up to errors

Troubleshoot customer issues and fix problems faster

Deeply understand your users by watching them use your product

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Session Replay

Frontend Performance Monitoring

Product Analytics

Reproduce every issue with a pixel-perfect replay.

Correlate frontend performance with business impact and user experience.

Create custom metrics that track conversions, users flows, and event volumes.

Error Tracking and Management

User Experience Analytics

Native Mobile Apps

Surface the most impactful issues affecting your users.

Increase engagement and improve the design of your website and mobile apps.

Everything you love about LogRocket, now on mobile.

Works with your stack

LogRocket works regardless of language or framework, and we provide SDKs for specific technologies




Plain JS



What people are saying

LogRocket helps us get that level of product sophistication without compromising our ability to be HIPAA – compliant and maintain strict data and patient privacy requirements we have as a company.

I go into LogRocket and see what customers want, what they need, and what will actually get us more customers.

LogRocket has significantly decreased the amount of time we waste solving support tickets and complaints from our users.

Tom Cheng | Director of Engineering

Antares Meketa | CPO

Hannah Wei | Product Manager

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