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LogRocket Content Advisory Board

A lot has changed over the past 5 years, but our mission hasn't. LogRocket is dedicated to creating content that helps grow your skillset and your career.

We hope you'll help us get even better by joining our brand-new Content Advisory Board (CAB).  As a member of the LogRocket CAB, you'll review new blog posts and topics, as well as help guide us as we continue to produce the tutorials, tech posts, meetups, and podcasts that you love.


By joining the team you'll receive:

  • CAB-exclusive apparel and swag
  • Special meetups and opportunities
  • Social badges and accreditation 
  • And more

“We’ve always relied on our readers to help keep our posts honest and accurate. You’re a huge part of what we do, and I’m excited to work with our new CAB to make our content even better!”

Matt Angelosanto

Director of Content | LogRocket

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